Dressing during pregnancy is a tricky process. A woman’s body experiences a multitude of changes, especially during the second and third trimester. As a result, the clothing needs to be both comfortable and stylish. How can expectant moms face their unique fashion challenges and still dress well?

The following tips will help you dress to impress during your pregnancy:

First Trimester: Looking stylish is still easy!

During the first three months, most moms want to keep their “good news” a secret. Some women prefer to wait till the start of the second trimester to divulge the news. This is why many attempts to hide their pregnancy as much as possible. Although there is some weight gain during this time, it isn’t as noticeable as during the second and third trimesters. So what style tips should you incorporate?


Avoid anything that clings or is too tight. At the same time, avoid clothing that is tent-like and billowy. Opt for silhouettes that flow over the hips, thighs, and stomach. Consider soft knits, empire-waist dresses, wrap tops and A-line skirts. These cuts and styles flow over your curves gracefully and easily disguise your extra weight. The goal is to keep clothing loose yet stylish.

Second Trimester: Meeting the challenge of a changing shape and size!

At the commencement of your second trimester, it is likely your baby bump is showing. More importantly, you may feel like your clothing size is also changing on a weekly basis. Since it is impossible to shop for new clothing every day, it helps to invest in clothing items that will expand with you.

Look for items with details such as buttons, wraps, ruching, and tie-backs. These types of items will help you adjust your clothing as your body changes.

If you’re a working expectant mom, you’re going to need something suitable for work as well. You want to look professional but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. Items that can be worn at work and during the weekend are the best choices. Items such as maxi dresses and floral, elastic waist pants will help you look your best both at work and at play! During the second trimester, your stomach will continue to grow and your waistline will also expand accordingly. Elastic waist pants and maxi dresses literally grow with you!


Third Trimester: When comfort clashes with fashion!

Most women find the third trimester to be the most difficult. Not only are you dealing with bulging belly and chest, but you have likely gained weight all over your body. The challenge in this phase of pregnancy is finding something that looks and feels good.

Unlike in the second semester, waistbands, zippers, and buttons will feel torturous. Clothing fibers that are stiff or rough may make you feel uncomfortable. What’s the solution? Lose-fitting, monochrome dresses, open cardigans and cut-out dresses, will not only flatter your curves and bump but make you look stylish too.

Dressing during pregnancy poses many challenges, but by incorporating certain types of clothing into your wardrobe, you can easily cruise through your pregnancy like a stylish diva!

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How to buy baby boy high chairs?

How do you know when to buy baby boy high chairs? Between 4 and 6 months, most babies are capable of sitting up on their own and eating solid foods; this is when you should introduce a silver frame high chair to your baby.

A high chair enables parents to teach their baby multiple life skills such as eating, drinking, sitting, doing a task, playing, etc. Since the child is safely contained in a chair, it is easier for parents to grab their baby’s attention.


Ask yourself the following questions when you are ready to buy baby boy high chairs:

Is it simple to use?

Being able to get your child in and out easily is an important concern. Speak to your friends and family who already have a high chair. Test as many chairs as you can. Look for a chair that has a tray and is operable by hand. Examine the seat straps. Can you buckle them with ease? Most high chair accidents occur because parents forget to harness their children with the buckle feature.

Is it a tested and certified product?

A reputable high chair manufacturer will have their high chairs tested and approved by a safety association. Look for a seal of approval on the product.

Is the chair comfortable?

Remember, your baby will be seated in his or her high chair for a lengthy period. The seat should be soft, well-padded and roomy. Having a footrest makes it more comfortable as well.

Can it be easily cleaned?

Babies are messy eaters so you can expect to clean up a big mess after each meal. Most high chairs are equipped with a vinyl seat. These are easy to wipe. Look closely at how the frame and cushion fit together. The fewer crevices and seams, the easier it is to clean. In addition, the tray should be simple to remove and wash. Some high chairs have a tray within a tray.


Does it have all the required features?

Will your high chair be moved around frequently, such as to the table for meal time and then back against the wall? If so, a high chair with wheels that lock is a good choice. Do you have space constraints in your home? Then a high chair that folds up is a good solution. If you plan to keep your baby engaged in many activities while sitting in the high chair, then you should consider one with a sizeable tray.

When you head out to buy baby boy high chairs, you will be awestruck by the variety and options at your disposal. Keep the questions stated above in your mind to make the best purchase decision for you and your baby.

Night Lights: Guide to Buying Lighting Products For Baby Boy and Girl Online

Teaching your child to sleep on his or her own for the first time is a difficult task which is why many parents resort to buying lighting products for baby boy and girl online. The thought of looking up and seeing pitch black darkness is terrifying to most children. This is where a night light such as the Lou Night Light can be beneficial.


The following guide will help parents understand the benefits of having a night light in their child’s bedroom.

What is a night light? How does it differ from regular lighting?

A night light is a light fixture that you leave on throughout the night. It is typically left lit in a child’s bedroom. Night lights like the Lou Night Light illuminate the room with a soft and warm glow. It is bright enough to provide dim light but dark enough that it cannot be seen when you close your eyes.

What are some of the benefits of buying lighting products for baby boy and girl online?

Provides comfort in the dark

Children who are afraid of the dark will find great comfort in the soft glow of a night light. It will provide them with a sense of security. The glow of a night light provides gentle illumination but it doesn’t disrupt the child from falling asleep.

Promotes Independence

A night light such as Lou Night Light helps a child feel comfortable in his or her own bed. It provides a sense of security, teaching them to rely on self-soothing to fall asleep.

Helps Parents Navigate in the Dark

It is only natural for a parent to do periodic night checks on their child. A night light provides navigation illumination for parents, preventing them from tripping on toys and furniture in the dark.


More affordable than a regular Light

Many parents opt to leave on a small lamp or the hallway light for illumination. While this may provide sufficient light, it requires much more electricity than a typical nightlight. In addition, it may be harder for the child to fall asleep when the light is so bright.

Helps parents fall back to sleep

With a new baby in the home, parents expect to face several midnight trips the crib and back. Sometimes turning on all the lights when you check on your baby may actually trigger your brain to awaken, making it difficult for you to fall back to sleep. Over time, you can expect dark under eye circles and severe exhaustion. A night light is the best solution. It provides enough illumination for you to check on your baby, changing nappy and go back to sleep.

When buying lighting products for baby boy and girl online, a night light is a great investment.

Why Parents Should Shop Baby Multicolor Wooden Toys Online For Girls & Boys?

As the awareness for organic foods and best environmental practices grows, most parents today also prefer to shop baby multicolor wooden toys online for girls & boys.

Whether it is a set of fish rattle pastel beads or a rocking horse, play is a vital component in the physical and intellectual development of a baby.  For most of the time, the baby will attempt to manipulate the toy with his or her fingers, either by throwing it, rolling it, banging it with another toy, etc. Through this type of play, babies develop a range of abilities such as reaching, color discrimination, gross motor and fine motor skills and even social interaction. Considering the amount of time these toys will spend in your baby’s hands and possibly mouth, wouldn’t you prefer to buy toys that are “healthy” for your little one?

This is why pediatricians, parents and educators alike prefer to shop baby multicolor wooden toys online for girls & boys. Consider some of the benefits your little one stands to gain by playing with these wooden marvels:


Promotes Skill Development

As mentioned earlier, babies have a tendency to play roughly. You can expect their toys to be thrown repeatedly to the ground or wall. This is their way of learning about the toy and the world around them. This type of play helps babies develop hand-eye coordination, grasping and reaching skills, crawling and possibly rolling over.

Encourages Imaginative Play and Creativity

A majority of wooden toys such as a rocking horse or a fish rattle pastel beads set are plainly colored and simple to use; meaning they do not have any fancy automation, twinkling lights or sound-producing qualities that many of us have become accustomed to with plastic toys. The benefit of this is that it forces the child to use their imagination. For example, while a wooden rocking horse is primarily for sitting, the child may apply his or her sense of imaginative play by treating the horse like a pet or attempting to transport his soft toys on the horse’s back.

Free from Chemical Agents

There is a growing concern over the number of chemicals being used in children’s toys today. Additives such as glue, paint, cadmium, bisphenol and phthalates are commonly found in children’s toys. Since babies have a lower body mass, they are more susceptible to developing toxicity from exposure to plastic toys. When you shop baby multicolor wooden toys online for girls & boys, you prevent your baby from being exposed to such harmful chemicals. You are actually safeguarding your little one’s health, helping to develop a strong immune system.


Become heirloom pieces

Wooden toys are ergonomically designed, keeping in mind the audience that will be using them. Since they are made from natural materials, primarily wood, wooden toys are far more durable than plastic toys. There is a lot of beauty in their simplicity. As parents, we like to cherish certain items from our child’s infancy and a wooden fish rattle pastel beads set is the perfect item to hold on to. You can preserve this little treasure and pass it on to your child when they enter adulthood.

Stand the test of time

Wooden toys are more durable and resistant to wear and tear. As a result, they will last for years and years. In addition, wooden toys are easy to clean and disinfect. You may easily pass on your baby’s wooden toys to friends and family members.

When you shop baby multicolor wooden toys online for girls & boys, you are providing your child with the best and safest options for play.